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WABLI is a cloud-based low-code platform that facilitates rapid prototyping for bootstrapping the design process and generating ready-to-deploy web applications


WABLI provides a cloud environment for designing and building web applications, minimizing the cost and time for software development

WABLI users are able to a) design the screens of their application, b) define the software requirements, c) automatically generate the source code, and d) deploy their application in the cloud. More specifically, WABLI offers:

  • Application creation by design

    Use our web builder to help you (or users of your application) build the HTML pages of your application without any knowledge of coding.

    In accordance with best practices in UI prototyping solutions, WABLI allows the developer to define the application layout (both web and mobile) in the form of interactive mockups. WABLI offers a unified preview of the final application, including all UI elements of the system. The developer is provided with a clear view of the end product and is given the ability to modify all entities in a consistent manner.

  • Requirements elicitation and specification extraction

    Use our annotation and transition mechanism to map the dynamic aspects of your HTML pages and build the data model of your application.

    In WABLI, the developers enter application requirements in an intuitive and comprehensive way. The dynamic aspects of the application are annotated, data flows and business processes are documented. The data model of the application is ready.

  • Source code generation

    Use our automatic code generator to transform your application to software code / evaluate the quality of the produced code with Cyclopt.

    The data model is automatically transformed to formal OpenApi specifications compliant with RESTful design principles. Back-end (node.js, mongoose, MongoDB) and Front-end (HTML, CSS, Javascript) code is automatically being generated. Code quality is being reviewed by Cyclopt.

  • On-the-fly application deployment

    One click deployment of the software code of your application (front-end, back-end) on our servers.

    WABLI source code can be downloaded and executed in an appropriate environment. WABLI also offers an automated cloud deployment mechanism that reduces the time required to deliver an application to the customer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? We're here to answer! If you don't see your question here, drop us a line on our Contact page below.

  • With WABLI you can develop business web applications with no coding skills. All you need to know is the process (reading the manual) for creating an application and the limits of WABLI. For example with WABLI you can develop an online repository. On the one hand, you can create a web page where users add content to the repository and on the other hand you can create a web page where users view the contents of the repository in real time.

  • First you need to design the pages of your applications (mockups). You can use our pre-existing templates or you can build your own templates. Though it is not a must, css knowledge will help you design beautiful pages. This process of building the pages can be implemented collaboratively since you can invite other users (customers, business experts etc.) to your project.

    After designing your beautiful web pages and you have reviewed them with your customers, you can build the data model of your application. You will be requested to annotate the dynamic content of your pages and WABLI will extract the specifications of your application (OpenAPI 3.0).

    You are now done. WABLI will generate the source code of your application (both front-end and back-end). You can now download the source code and run it on your server or you can automatically deploy your application to WABLI servers.

  • Yes! WABLI generates the back-end and the front-end of your application. WABLI uses javascript and the source code of the application is being reviwed by Cyclopt (in terms of quality). Source code is downloadable.

  • You can either download the source code of your application and deploy it to your server or you can simply click on the deploy button and your application will be automatically deployed to one of our servers.

  • We have a number of features in our backlog e.g. you can add javascript code in a WABLI UI block element, you can have more ready templates to use in your pages etc.
    Feel free to let us know what extra features you might want by submitting your request in the contact form below.


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